2Ergo-tech is an original work methodology developed at Growag.

It is both a process and a set of practical procedures and long-term thinking in key areas from the point of view of our business. The methodical approach allows us to effectively follow the changing expectations of our Customers and ensure the highest quality of the solutions provided.


The high quality of our products is guaranteed by our employees, specially selected materials and modern technology. The Quality Control Department watches over the maintenance of the constant, highest level of this quality.

Independent control and monitoring of standards at each stage of production allow us to meet the highest global standards.

Eco - Design

The combination of beautiful form and practical application is a standard for us. At Growag, we are looking for higher standards, which is why we have been trying to make everything in an environmentally friendly way for years.

We create lighter and lighter structures, contributing to a reduction in the weight of the train sets, and thus to a reduction in the energy required for their movement. We select the materials we use in such a way that they are as durable as possible, which reduces the frequency of their replacement.

Flexible production

All of the key stages of our production take place in one place, in our factory in Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

This gives us flexibility, especially in terms of timeliness quality assurance and flexibility in adapting to the expectations and requirements of our Customers.

Research & Development

We constantly follow trends and keep an eye on the pulse of technological solutions, also carrying out a number of research works. Our laboratory supervises the quality of all processes,

and the prototype shop is constantly looking for new solutions. All of this actually translates into the final product today and allows us to look to the future with confidence.

What is important for us?

Our products not only have a beautiful form and be practical, but must also be ergonomic.

They must best meet the psychophysical expectations of the passenger who will use them. Continuous improvement of travel comfort is the biggest challenge facing the whole industry.

With this in mind, we also cooperate with external experts and designers, working together to develop seat models that systematically improve this comfort.