Shock absorbers

For almost 50 years, Growag has also been a recognised manufacturer of hydraulic shock absorbers.

It is our second largest production specialisation. Our components fit most rail vehicles, including locomotives and passenger cars, but also trams and a significant number of trucks. Our shock absorbers are used by thousands of vehicles all over Poland on a daily basis.

Growag shock absorbers

Specialisation and production

Our specialty is the production of shock absorbers in single-action and double-action variants. They can be mounted on a rail vehicle bogie both vertically and horizontally.


Quality first

Not only our specialists and their experience, but also modern technology stand behind the quality of our shock absorbers. The MSP 25 test stand in combination with the LABOTRONIC 8800 control system check every manufactured and refurbished part coming out of our factory.


We are the only ones in Poland to be certified

As the only shock absorber manufacturer in Poland, we can boast a quality certification system during production. Each shock absorber is subject to a computer-assisted damping force test. The data is subject to examination and quality assessment. We have archived this and have insight into the origin and production process of all of our products.
Each shock absorber has its own unique, certified number. This allows us to monitor their operation, improve and eliminate faults, and consequently guarantee the quality of their final parameters.

Service and refurbishment

As a specialist manufacturer of certified parts, we also carry out repairs and refurbishments of all types of shock absorbers. In order to save repair time, as a manufacturer, we are able to provide a quick replacement for a new part manufactured by Growag. Such a process simultaneously halves transport costs and restores the vehicles for a new journey.  


Growag at your service

Growag is primarily a production company. However, our professional machine park and modern technology, supported by experienced specialists with passion, give us great potential and the opportunity to provide professional services. That is why we provide the following services at the same time:

Chromium plating

Powder coating


MIG/MAG and TIG welding

Shot blasting